Jenny WilliamsonJenny Williamson, Founder and CEO of Courage Worldwide

Courage Worldwide is an international, non-profit organization that builds homes for children rescued out of sex trafficking. These homes are called Courage House. Jenny and her organization have spearheaded a comprehensive program to assist in the rescue and restoration of these young, vulnerable victims and have done ground-breaking research regarding the complex trauma of sexual exploitation, best practice therapy models and the healing process. Courage Worldwide successfully operates two homes for rescued children – one in Northern California and one in Tanzania, Africa. In addition, the organization is prototyping Courage House with plans to open one in Honolulu, Hawaii in late 2013 and in other cities around the world that need one. Jenny’s greatest passion is to see these children discover their God-given identity, fulfill their destiny, and have their lives completely restored.

In addition, Jenny and Courage Worldwide collaborate with like minded individuals and organizations with the goal of completely eradicating this evil from our planet through prevention, justice and restoration programs. Through personal passion and professional leadership, she travels extensively informing communities about the issue – challenging individuals, corporations and faith based organizations to join the fight.

Due to her efforts, expertise and leadership across the nation, Jenny was awarded the FBI Director’s 2010 Leadership Award, the 2011 Community Spirit Award by Sacramento’s District Attorney, Jan Scully and the 2012 William Jessup University’s prestigious Community Impact Award. Jenny was also invited to be part of the California Attorney General’s Working Group on human trafficking as well as Shared Hope International’s Practitioners Working Group for their National Colloquium in Washington, D.C. She is also a member of Abolition International Shelter Association’s advisory board.

Jenny and her family live in Northern California, where she also acts as the Chief Financial Officer for their family business and is the mother of 5 almost grown children.


Vicki ZitoVicki Rogers Zito, RN, BSN, PHN, S.A.F.E.

Mother, wife, victim advocate.

Vicki has a background in Urgent/Emergent care, and currently works in Blood banking and transfusion medicine.  After being motivated to change the way victims are treated in the healthcare setting, she received specialized training to practice as a sexual assault forensic examiner (S.A.F.E.). Vicki’s passion is to work with victims of sexual assault to see to it that they are treated with dignity and respect, compassion and professionalism, during a time of great trauma and to ensure they are adequately represented within the political arena and in the healthcare setting.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Vicki co-founded Run for Courage (RFC) a 501c3, not for profit organization. RFC exists to raise awareness about the incidence, prevalence and pervasiveness of the crime of human trafficking as well as to raise funds that support the victims of this crime or fund programs that target prevention of it. It is a passion borne from personal tragedy as she was abruptly immersed in the world of trafficking five years ago when her own daughter was abducted and sold to traffickers. Her daughter was trafficked for 8 days before law enforcement was able to locate and rescue her, a horrific experience and a parent’s worst nightmare. With time, she has seen her family grow and heal. She has found a great sense of purpose rallying for the victims of this crime, advocating for their rights, and raising public awareness about the injustice of this crime. To her, advocacy is her version of making lemonade from the lemons that were tossed her way.

“I speak out to raise awareness about the crime that is trafficking. I do so, because with every fiber of my being, I believe it is wrong for a child to be bought and sold, for sex. I have seen first hand the devastation this crime leaves in its wake. Unfortunately, I have also experienced an ill-equipped health care setting that was nowhere near prepared to care for my daughter, a victim, in her hour of need. It is my mission to change the way the health care professionals and first responders treat survivors. In addition, to address the disparities that exist that force the majority of the victims of this crime, to the streets. This is a public health issue and a tremendous social injustice.” (Vicki Zito, Mother of a trafficked victim)


pastor_donDon Pritchard, Pastor of Solid Rock Faith Center

Pastor Don was born May 8, 1953, in Redding California. He grew up mainly in the Redding, California, area. His parents divorced when he was two years old and his mom remarried his step-father when Don was six years old. Like many in his generation Don began using drugs in Jr. High and continued to abuse drugs throughout high school. By the age of 19 he was addicted to heroin.

In April of 1974, his step-father offered him a job in Montana, There he became a Journeyman Cement Finisher, and after two years he moved to Billings, Montana. There he met his first wife Kathy. Their son, Sean, was born July 4, 1976. Don and Kathy’s marriage lasted only 18 months and they were separated by November of 1977. Don was at the lowest point of his life, feeling he had lost everything he valued: his home, his wife, and most of all, his son. In November of 1978, Don moved back to California, and began attending New Life Assembly in Marysville, California.

On December 13, 1978, Don gave his life to the Lord. Shortly after Don got saved, he met Sue at New Life Assembly. On Valentines Day 1979, they began dating and were married October 20, 1979.

Solid Rock Faith Center was started in the conference room of the Super 8 Motel in Cameron Park, CA, in August of 1989. In May of 1994, they moved to their current location where they have expanded to over 14,000 sq. ft. of facility. In October of 2006, they opened the Lords Gym of El Dorado County, Inc., a sports outreach facility. 

In 1997, God restored the relationship between Don and his son, Sean. Sean moved to California and now is a vital part of this ministry. Sean gave his life to the Lord and enrolled in SRFC School of Ministry. He is now an ordained minister and head of our media ministry and youth ministry. Sean is the proof that God truly is a God of forgiveness and restoration. If God can restore a father and his son after 18 years of separation and hook them up as a ministry team, then He can touch and change your life into one of God-given destiny and purpose.


Portia SumnerPortia Sumner, Pastor and Evangelist

Pastor Portia has served in various aspects of ministry such as preaching, teaching, singing, songwriting, prophetic ministry and evangelism for over 20 years.  She and her husband, Pastor Steven Sumner, are “Community Care” pastors at Shiloh Church who coordinate all the outreach programs. 

Pastor Portia and her husband were youth pastors of Shiloh Church for over fifteen years and have poured into many young people’s lives who are now God fearing, productive young men and women with families of their own. The Sumners have one son who is also working in ministry with them.

Pastor Portia travels locally and nationally, ministering to the Body of Christ in various aspects of ministry. She ministers for churches, conferences, retreats, public agencies, and in public schools. Pastor Portia has been one of the worship leaders at Shiloh Church for over the past twenty years and  has lead worship in many churches nationally and abroad.  

Portia’s life is dedicated to seeing people saved, delivered, and discipled. She is a fire-starter in the kingdom of God, igniting passion for Jesus Christ in the hearts of God’s people. She minister’s a message marked by a practical word for daily living with an impartation of freedom and joy to all who hear.


Leah Albright-BridLeah Albright-Byrd was born on October 30th, 1983 and was raised in San Francisco, CA, Adelphi, Maryland and Calden, Germany. With a childhood marked by molestation, domestic abuse and a family saturated in addiction, Leah eventually chose to run away from home at the age of 14 and it was during that time that she met a man who manipulated her into a life of addiction and sexual exploitation. While spending nearly four years on the streets, Leah experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse, drug addiction and multiple arrests.

But the hand of God upon her and the plan He had for her life was greater than her trauma and her abusers. At the age of 18, she was won over to Christ through the love and grace shown to her by the woman she calls her spiritual mommy (Deanna Hurn). Leah eventually transferred to William Jessup University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Counseling Psychology in 2009.

Leah’s love for Christ and firsthand experience with radical redemption, has stirred a passion to reach other victims of sex-trafficking and she is devoted to encouraging others to fight on behalf of this fragile population. Leah’s ultimate life aspiration is publishing her memoir – Sunset to Sunset – to document Christ’s victories in her life. Additionally, she serves as the Executive Director of Bridget’s Dream in honor of Bridget Gray; a dear friend and victim of sex-trafficking who was murdered in Las Vegas in 2006. She won’t be satisfied until God gets complete glory out of her life and others can see that she has come this far by grace. Leah’s message is one of Hope, Tenacity, Victory, and most importantly Love – which we all know, NEVER fails.


Dean JohnsonDean Johnson, founder of Victory 4 Youth and co-founder of RTB California, has been motivating people of all ages since 2004. He travels with a team of athletes called Radical Reality, bringing a message of hope and positive self-esteem to over 250,000 young people each year in high school and junior high school assemblies across the nation. Dean knows first hand what it is to be lost with no hope for a future and full of anger. He has turned those failures into victories and is a true believer in the power of a dream. Watch Dean reach inmates at Folsom Prison and do feats of strength.





Jake LarsonJake Larson co-founded Fireproof Ministries (the umbrella ministry of XXXchurch) with Craig Gross fourteen years ago. Jake is a pastor with passion for the truth and has been speaking on behalf of this ministry since its inception. He speaks regularly to audiences with a passion to see the church love, embrace, and care for overlooked people in our society. Jake is also committed to advancing missional and spiritual renewal in churches by addressing difficult issues of pornography, addiction, depression, social needs, and a list of others.

He is available to speak at churches, colleges, schools, festivals, and youth events. Jake lives in California with his wife and two children. You can see and read more about Jake here. Check out Jake’s Live Church.



Matthew Battershell Matthew Battershell is a web developer, graphic designer, filmmaker and photographer who in 2012 was inspired by Ben Crist of the band The Glorious Unseen and their kickstarter campaign to make a difference in his community. After contacting Ben to work on a music video together, BEC Records sent him the song, “Can a Nation be Changed?” A song of prayer, heartbreak, hope and healing birthed a vision in Matthew to do a city outreach in the heart of Sacramento to unite community, churches, organizations and artists together to fight for an important cause.

“The family, sexual purity and Truth have always been important to me so I started praying about what to do.” And God certainly has opened networks, doors and opportunity ultimately birthing Of Love and Hope. You can check out some of his photos and short films. Get to know him on Facebook too.