Vision“Say to the captives, ‘Come out,’ and to those in darkness, ‘Be free!’”Isaiah 49:9 NIV

Uniting churches and non-profit organizations together, rising above racial barriers, we will with One Voice call for the end of human trafficking and the exploitation of our children throughout our community. We will stand together for purity and restoration.

VisionSexual promiscuity, pornography and the breakdown of the family fuels the fire of human trafficking.

We will boldly challenge popular culture with a message of sexual purity and hope, declaring God’s ability to heal those in sexual bondage, to restore families and to inspire this generation to return to God. It is a call to action seeking God unashamedly in prayer and worshiping Him publicly.

VisionYou are here for a purpose greater than yourself.

As we unite together, bring awareness for human trafficking and worship God in public, ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. What evil must end because you are in this world?
  2. What good must be preserved by your life?
  3. What is broken that God has called you to mend?



An evening outside, united at the Sacramento State Capitol, with live music, guest speakers and prayer, together as a community we will seek to empower the innocent by creating awareness and a call to change regarding human trafficking, the adult industry and broken families. There is a need for healing. For hope. For love. Together we can change what has become a silent, dark sin in the midst of many communities around the country.


We accept you at any stage you may be in life’s journey, but we are bold and unashamed for Jesus. We know of only one solution to human trafficking, sex addiction, adultery, rage and broken families: the regeneration of a broken life into a forgiven one full of joy. Hope occurs when genuine change begins. Change begins when Love enters a dark heart. Only Jesus is true love.

Welcome to Of Love and Hope.